Since year 2002, the The Nepal Relief Association supports the establishment of a training centre for adults in the very Southeast of Nepal. It is the aim to impart vocational skills, particularly mechanic and agricultural expertise in order to increase the variety of the cultivated agricultural products and to create a wider basis of existence for the local population. After the The Nepal Relief Association first participated in the establishment of the school building, the commitment was honoured even after the completion of the building in 2004. Given the constantly increasing number of students, it became necessary to expand the available surface. It became the place where students learn how to cultivate soil and how to preculture it with leguminous plants and other plants famous for their effect of green manuring. It particularly enabled the cultivation of medicinal herbs according to international standards. The huge and still increasing demand for herbs for the production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics constitutes a welcoming source of income, not only providing a basis of living for the people, especially in India, but also impeding the overexploitation of natural wild herbs in the Himalaya region. In the years 2004 and 2005, the The Nepal Relief Association supported the project with seeds and fertilisers as well as with various machines for the processing of cultivated herbs, like a turning machine for the production of pills, for instance. The provision of a solar-driven tunnel dryer enabled the people to sell fruits and herbs at times that are not typical for the supply of such goods.
Unfortunately, the project suffered in the past few years from political and social upheavals taking place in the region and came to an end. The dormitory for the students, which we co-financed, could not be completed and the running of the school did have to be discontinued. Unfortunately, we are not yet in a position to say whether and when it will be taken up again.