Educational dropouts:
Girls that usually drop out of school and do not complete any educational degree stem from the Dhalits. The project dedicated to the support of educational dropouts initiated by Children Nepal ¿Children Nepal¿ and Prof. Hans Käs is located in Pokhara, which is known to almost all European trekkers. The girls are integrated into the existent system of lower and higher secondary school and receive further support through the implementation of supplementary education. A whole variety of vocational trainings is presented to the girls during various events in order to gain the families¿ support. At the beginning, the girls attend so-called advanced training courses, in which they learn how to speak English related to practice and how to work with computers. At the end of this course, the girls determine their career choice. The vocational training is carried out by national and private institutions being located in Pokhara. There is a mixture of cost-intensive and free-of-charge offers in order not to exceed the budget. For instance, vocational training is offered for the following careers: hairdresser, masseur, beautician, electronic repair, mountain guide, nurse or secretary.
Depending on the challenge, the curses last from four weeks to two years and cause expenses amounting to 15,00 € to 200,00 € per person.
The Nepal Relief Association supported this project with 5,000 EUR respectively in the years 2007 and 2008.