Project overview
    Goal:To increase the educational spectrum
  • the building and the basic equipment including books, computers and DVDs was funded
  • management carried out by the local NGO Coyon
  • the building¿s enlargement is financed through room rentals, usage of computers and internet and through tourists passing by
  • Costs: abouta 20.000 Euro
  • the building is well maintained and regularly used
  • more than 300 registered users in the meantime
  • the maintenance of the electronic devices needs regular control

Village Information Centre:
The Village Information Centre (VIC) in Benighat was created in cooperation with the local NGO Coyon. Benighat, located on the road from Kathmandu to Pokhara suffered heavily under the Maoists. The village community centre was entirely destroyed, a military fort was established directly above the village. In this situation, the youth organization Coyon that had already implemented several social projects, particularly at schools, contacted us with its request to finance a village information centre. A village library was built and not only equipped with books, computers and internet access but also with a TV and several DVDs. Additionally to the library room, the building has a chaired convention room which can be used or rented for various events and which thus supports the project¿s financing. After the construction works were finished, books and furniture were bought and the project was festively opened with the attendance of the minister for education and communication as well as the district¿s officials. Since then, the project has been running well, the convention room is regularly rented to the Village Development Committee that gatherers there twice a month and the quantity of the library users increases. Final maintenance work is completed and further support was provided with the supply of new books and DVDs. Now the project has to finance itself with the income generated through the room rental as well as internet- and library usage.