Additionally to education, health is a further, vital factor for the development of any individual and society. Healthy people can work and learn better but it is also the improvement of the living conditions of people suffering from chronic diseases or disabilities that constitutes an important field of activity of the Nepal Relief Association Aachen.
Disabled people are often badly cared for in developing countries. Relatives work to earn money and do not have the time to support the disabled family member and to take adequate care of him or her. Many children thus wither away and vegetate, partly even fixed to their bed for self-protection. Since several years, the Nepal Relief Association has dedicated 3 projects to these people. In cooperation with CWS, people with physical disabilities are provided with wheelchairs and other equipment so that they can attend schools and become trained in a profession. The self-help group for cerebrally handicapped children supports the physical and mental training of these patients and helps the relatives. Given the established system of home-visitors, even families living in remote districts are reached.
Braille without borders is dedicated to blind people. Here, the Nepal Relief Association Aachen supports both the main project in Tibet and several individual blind persons who are trained in South India to become project leader.
The Nepal Relief Association also helps ill people through occasional support given to hospitals or through financed health camps. Lalonde is not only on grounds of its localization in India a special project. In cooperation with the Rescue Foundation, children are rescued from Mumbai¿s brothels and taken to the rehabilitation centre. The girls usually suffer from severe psychological problems in addition to physical diseases like genital diseases but also HIV and hepatitis. They are taken care of in our centre as long as they are not in a position to return to their home towns or countries and to find their new place in society.

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