Health Camps
Health camps are implemented on a yearly basis by the Sushma-Koirala Hospital in Sankhu and financed by the Nepal Relief Association. This cooperation has become firm and efficient in the past couple of years.
In a country like Nepal, characterized by burdensome routes and often unattainable medical facilities, health camps provide the only possibility to bring medical treatment to rural areas. Thereby, temporal surgery possibilities are improvised from the existent rural medical facilities and the patients are taken care of by a team of Interplast. The implementation needs anticipatory planning. Also, an adequate location must be selected that is possibly remote from urban centers on the one hand but that provides a certain infrastructure on the other hand. The latter is needed in order to render meaningful operative help (just think about the required possibilities to sterilize surgical instruments, for instance). Ultimately, the population must be informed; patients that can receive meaningful and necessary treatment must be selected. Such a camp usually lasts for 5 days; these are days full of registrations, planning and surgery implementations as well as short-term post-treatments. Given the strong cooperation with the SKM Hospital, complicated cases can be directly transferred to that facility; others can receive long-term post-treatment so that patient care is possibly ensured to its best. The surgery spectrum includes the treatment of chronic wounds, tropical ulcers, scars resulting from burnings, cleft lip and palates, segregation of joint fingers or tows and other minor but very helpful plastic surgeries.

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