THe Association in short:
  • Foundation: 1991
  • Members: more than 300
  • since 2000 certified by dzi
  • Yearly Budget about 80.000€
  • Doantions tax deductible

History and Philosophy

Nepal is an amazing country, a green and hot country in the South, a rough and cold country in the North, characterized by the 8000m high peaks of the Himalaya. A country with a rich flora and fauna, a country also distinguished by its people; people who have learned to live in this country, who have established and maintained a very old culture and tradition, characterized by Buddhism and Hinduism, people who always find a friendly word, a smile, wherever you might meet them. All this by being one of the poorest countries of the world!
It was these impressions that triggered the foundation of the Nepal Relief Association Aachen after a trekking group has returned to Germany in 1991; the same impressions that make people come together today to continue the association¿s idea.
The first projects were dedicated to school education; first schools were set up, provided with solar installations. But the variety of projects grew quickly: Education, both in the scholar sector and women¿s education, projects for the development of villages and projects in the health sector are the main fields of activity of the association today.
These are the basic principles of the association:

  • Monetary donations are only directly transferred to the persons concerned or to one of the aid organizations being directly responsible for the persons concerned.
  • Our partners on location always actively participate in the project, either by showing strong commitment through work performance made or by cost sharing amounting to 20-25%. This enables us to deliver capacity building.
  • The project implemented is always documented by written and illustrative reports that are sent regularly.
  • Our support is mainly carried out in remote and seldom visited Nepalese mountain regions or in the poor Terrai as there are enough other relief associations in the agglomeration centers.
  • All projects are personally visited and supervised.
  • Our representatives on location submit detailed information via email to Aachen and therewith induce the payment of the second and third installments.
  • The work effort and the travel expenses of all board members are given gratuitously to the work of the Nepal Relief Association.

The control of our work has been annually awarded with the fundraising certificate of the German Central Institute for Social Issues (dzi) since 2000.

Certified safe

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